Monday, 20 January 2014

Candy Crush

When you first play candy crush, you will without a doubt be amazed. The game is extremely addictive and it will take up a large portion of your life. Even if you do look up how to play candy crush it will still take time to complete.

This game proves that good design and simplicity can bring a very large amount of success. The easy and somewhat repetitive gameplay manages to be entertaining enough.
It also adopts a feature that was considered to be outdated in games, the lives system. 5 tries, that is all you get if you even if you do research how to play candy crush. Once those lives are used up, 30 minutes must pass if you wish to resume play. And probably this generates most of the revenue, as people flock to pay up, and continue their session.

Accessibility also plays a factor in addictive quality, as it is paired up with another infamously addictive internet feature, the social media giant Facebook. Because of it’s Facebook presence, literally hundreds of millions of people have either heard of it, or tried it themselves. And despite the fees, the game can be finished without spending a dime. In fact, about 60 percent of the people that beat it, never paid for anything.

There are also other factors to consider such as the brightly colored layout that’s pleasing to the eyes, or even the sounds you hear when you get a complete row. This approach has been done time and time again to varying degrees of success, but nobody does it better than them.

Let’s not even mention the social aspect. It’s funny how such a simple game can spark so many conversations. The fact that all of your friends are playing it, is usually the biggest incentive for you to do so yourself.

If you are stuck, and can’t move forward, you can always look up tips on how to play candy crush to make your work easier. Many people play candy crush as an escape from the dreary routine of daily life, and who could blame them?

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